Frieda's Specialty Produce Banana Bud


What is a Banana Bud?

  • The Banana Bud is a flower that forms at the end of the banana stem. It is also known as the “heart” or “blossom.” There is an edible heart inside the bud that is typically enjoyed as a vegetable. Banana Buds are popularly used in Southeast Asian cuisine and prepared as a side dish. Eaten fresh, it has a starchy and bitter flavor. Once soaked in lemon juice and water, it tasted similar to Belgian Endive.

How to Eat

  • Fill a medium-sized bowl with water and fresh lemon juice. Remove two or three of the tough outer layers and submerge immediately. Once soaked, cut lengthwise and into quarters and remove inner heart. Eat fresh with salad dressing, chop into salads, or stew in coconut cream (a popular Southeast Asian preparation).

Health Benefits

  • High in vitamins A and C and a good source of calcium. They are also believed to alleviate stomach cramps.

How to Choose

  • Choose flowers that are firm with tightly packed leaves.

How to Store

  • Be sure to wrap it well with plastic wrap and refrigerate to maintain freshness, texture and shape.