Angelcot®: A Taste of Heaven


It’s rare to find an apricot that is juicy, succulent, sweet, and fragrant all at once. But the perfect fruit does exist. And it’s called an Angelcot®.

The elusive, white-flesh Angelcot® is a specialty hybrid of Moroccan and Iranian apricot varieties. There are only a few acres of this special fruit in the world. They have a very pale yellow skin color with a pale peach blush and very fine, velvety fuzz. The inside flesh is extremely juicy with the texture of a perfectly ripe nectarine, and the delicate yet intensely sweet flavor of an apricot.

These tree-ripened, hand-picked fruits are grown in Central California and have a limited season, but those who have the opportunity to taste the Angelcot® will tell you that no other apricot compares.

Ask your produce manager today about Frieda’s Angelcots®!

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