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Asian Pear and Red Wine Sorbet

Original photo and recipe by Chef Becca/It’s Yummi!


5 pounds ripe Asian Pears
2/3 cup granulated cane sugar
3 cups Burgundy or port wine
3 cups water
1 Cinnamon Stick (about 2-3 inches long)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Juice of 1 lemon (such as Seedless Lemon)

Yield: 1 quart


Peel, core, and quarter pears. Place into medium saucepan with sugar, red wine, water, cinnamon stick, and vanilla extract. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, until pears are softened and translucent, about 15-25 minutes (depending on hardness of  pears).

Using tongs, remove pears and transfer to a bowl. Remove cinnamon stick from poaching liquid, and discard. Turn up heat and reduce until mixture has consistency of thin syrup. (This step may be unnecessary, depending on how long you cooked the pears and how juicy they were.)

Place pears into blender or food processor container. Purée until smooth. (With small blenders, purée in batches.) Slowly add poaching liquid and lemon juice to pears, then blend together. Transfer to bowl, and chill in refrigerator 1-2 hours. Meanwhile, place a 1-quart container in the freezer.

Freeze in an ice cream maker following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Transfer sorbet to chilled container and freeze at least two hours before serving. If sorbet freezes solid, allow to soften in refrigerator for 15-30 minutes before serving.

Analyzed for 1 quart. Calories 270, Total Fat 0.5, Saturated Fat 0g, Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 0mg, Total Carbohydrate 52g, Dietary Fiber 9g, Sugars 40g, Protein 1g, Vitamin C 20%, Potassium 12%