Citrus Candy from Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s Hand Citron next to a standard lemon

Buddha’s Hand, aka Fingered Citron, is probably the strangest, creepiest looking fruit you’ve ever set eyes on. But it has the most amazing fragrance and is truly a citrus delicacy. (Read more about the background of this amazing citrus on our previous blog post.)

What do you do with a Buddha’s Hand? Besides marveling at its peculiar beauty and enjoying its flowery sweet fragrance, it’s a great fruit for making candied citrus rind, because the pith (the white part) is not bitter at all, so requires virtually no pre-soaking or pre-boiling. (There is no actual “flesh” or juice to a Buddha’s Hand — it is all rind and pith.)

Here’s a simple recipe:

Candied Buddha’s Hand

1 Buddha’s Hand
1 cup sugar

Slice Buddha’s Hand into 1/3-inch wide strips. In a medium pot, bring 1 cup sugar and 1 cup water to a boil until sugar dissolves. Add Buddha’s Hand strips. Simmer until soft and glazed; about 30 minutes. Dry strips on a parchment or wax paper until tacky. Roll in sugar before serving.

Note: Save the sugary syrup leftover after boiling the candy to sweeten your tea! (And a few slices of Buddha’s Hand steeped in the hot liquid will also have a medicinal effect and release a lovely fragrance…)