Citrus Caviar

Now California-grown, Organic Finger Limes are within easy reach

A native of Australia, now California-grown Frieda’s Organic Finger Limes are now available. This micro-citrus is small and elongated in size with skin varying from blackish-green to greenish-red. As a matter of fact, they look a lot like gherkins!

Cut open a Finger Lime and the magic is revealed. The pink-hued “caviar” inside has the expected lemon-lime tartness but is also herbaceous. One taste and you’ll understand why Finger Limes are a favorite of chefs around the world.

Finger Limes add a pop of citrus to brighten any dish from sweet to savory. Chefs whisk them into vinaigrettes, top raw oysters and other seafood dishes with them, and sprinkle them on desserts.

We can see these little pink bubbles scattered atop a cloud of whipped cream cheese frosting on lemon cupcakes, floating atop a Lemon Drop martini, or sprinkled on grilled fish, can’t you?

Ask your produce manager for Frieda’s Organic Finger Limes today!

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