At Frieda’s Specialty Produce, we believe in hard work and fair play, and that extends beyond our office walls.


We are doing our part to ensure best practices when it comes to sustainable farming by:

  • Working with many small-scale specialty farmers and suppliers based within our own geographical region; and
  • Expanding and developing relationships with food producers who practice organic and sustainable growing practices.


We continuously evaluate our main office practices and warehouse procedures to create a greener operation.

In Our Warehouse

  • Use energy-efficient lighting and office equipment throughout our facilities;
  • Optimize our warehouse refrigeration by using an on-demand cycle which adjusts the temperature according to need, instead of being fixed at one temperature;
  • Utilize reusable wooden and recyclable pallets, RPCs and other sustainable storage products;
  • Assess our packaging and procedures to find greener options and utilize in-house printing to reduce wasteful printing;
  • Recycle paper, plastics and cardboard waste. (We recycle all paper products in our facilities with an in-house bailing system since 1990);
  • Use biodegradable cleaners and avoid using insecticides.

In Our Offices

  • Educate and encourage our employees on how to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible at home and at work by shutting down computers nightly, turning off lights, and carpooling;
  • Stagger work hours and offering telecommuting and teleconferencing options to cut down on peak traffic and travel congestion, and to save on fuel usage;
  • Reduce air travel by utilizing virtual meetings and webinars to reduce our carbon footprint;
  • Include a recycle bin at each work station, copier, and printer; and
  • Use a paperless invoicing system and new customer setup protocol.


As a family-owned and -managed company, we value the relationships we have with our clients, consumers, employees, and the community at large.

Second Harvest Food Bank

Every week, we donate all edible but not saleable produce to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County to help end hunger in our local community.

Frieda Rapoport Caplan Family Business Scholarship Program

We are committed to advancing young, future agricultural business leaders through the Frieda Rapoport Caplan Family Business Scholarship Program. Working through the United Fresh Produce Association’s Foundation, this program, established by company owners, CEO Karen Caplan and COO Jackie Caplan Wiggins, provides opportunities for representatives from family agricultural businesses to attend the annual United Fresh Public Policy Conference in Washington D.C. The scholarship recipients have an excellent opportunity to experience active citizenship and gain a broader understanding of the political process.

EARTH University

EARTH University is a private, nonprofit university based in Costa Rica that offers educational opportunities in sustainable agriculture to students in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Africa. We support its efforts with financial aid and an internship program. EARTH is the only global university which teaches and practices true sustainability in every part of its curriculum and internships.

Our Own Backyard

Our company has been a part of the city of Los Alamitos, California, for almost 20 years, and our ties to the community run much deeper than just our business. Our founder Dr. Frieda Rapoport Caplan has lived in the area since 1958, and her daughters, our CEO Karen and COO Jackie, grew up in the very same neighborhood and live nearby. Naturally, we are supportive of local community activities such as the annual Race on the Base.