Frieda's Specialty Produce - Fresh Figs


What is a Fresh Fig?

  • Although it is considered a fruit, a fig is a flower that is inverted into itself. With a chewy texture and crunchy seeds, fresh figs hold a sweet and succulent flavor. They are a very delicate fruit and must be eaten soon after bringing them home.

How to Eat

  • They can be eaten raw, baked, stewed, poached and even grilled. Serve with prosciutto ham and sliced melon for a real treat.

Health Benefits

  • Help aid digestion and are a good source of natural and simple sugars.

How to Choose

  • Choose plump, fragrant figs that slightly give when touched.

How to Store

  • Very perishable. Ripen at room temperature, and keep refrigerated between 32 and 36 degrees for 5 to 7 days.  Freeze for up to six months.

When are they in season?

  • Mid-February through early December

Where are they grown?

  • Product of Chile, New Zealand, and U.S.A. (Arizona and California)