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Frieda's Specialty Produce - Frieda's Flavor Essentials

Much like the “pantry essentials” list of ingredients every kitchen should have, Frieda’s Flavor Essentials are fresh specialty produce items you should always have on hand to elevate your everyday menu.

What makes these flavors so essential?  Shallots have a slightly sweet combination of onion and garlic flavor, while Ginger is used around the world and treasured for its spicy, clean taste and medicinal benefits. No peeling needed, Fingerling Potatoes are easy to prepare and eat. They also come in many varieties, with several different colors, textures and flavors. Heirloom Tomatoes, also available in a beautiful array of colors and sizes, boost flavor profiles from candy-sweet to juicy and mild. Also known as a Mexican potato, Jicama (“Hee-Ka-Ma”) is a versatile vegetable with a juicy, crisp, potato-apple like texture and mildly sweet flavor that can be enjoyed fresh or cooked.

Don’t be intimidated by these “specialty” items! They are widely available and easy to cook with. For example, you can use Heirloom Tomatoes in a Caprese Salad instead of regular tomatoes to add more color to the plate.

As the holidays are just around the corner, we’d like to encourage you to challenge your palates–and cooking prowess–with Try This Not That® recipe suggestions. Put a twist in your traditional holiday dishes with Frieda’s Flavor Essentials!

  • Roasting Fingerling Potatoes instead of serving mashed potatoes.
  • Adding Ginger to your pear tart or sweet potato pie filling for a lovely, warm kick.
  • Serving Shallots with green beans freshly sauteed instead of goopy green bean casserole.
  • Stuffing Heirloom Tomatoes with leftover turkey and stuffing for the day after. (Here’s our stuffed tomato recipe for inspiration.)

“Wait. What? Did you say Heirloom Tomatoes? In the fall?”

Absolutely. That’s the beauty of Frieda’s Flavor Essentials: all of them are available year-round from Frieda’s.

Let’s get cooking!

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