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Golden Sunrise and Scarlet Sunset Juice Blends

One juice recipe, two different colors and flavor profiles! Go yellow with mellow gold beets and an orange, or go red with red beet and sweet blood oranges.


3 carrots, scrubbed and chopped
1/2 regular or seedless lemon, peeled and seeded
2-inch piece fresh turmeric root
1-inch piece fresh ginger
Pinch of black pepper

For Golden Sunrise
1 large gold beet, peeled and chopped
1 navel orange, peeled

For Scarlet Sunset
1 beet, peeled and chopped
2 blood oranges, peeled

Caution: Turmeric stains skin, surfaces, and clothing.

Special equipment: juicer. Caution! Turmeric may stain your juicing bowl. Rinse immediately after use and check out some stain removal tips. [link]


Run all ingredients, except black pepper, through juicer. Stir in pinch of black pepper before serving. Serve immediately, over ice, or chill for a few hours before serving.

Source: Frieda’s Inc.