Servings: 5

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Gourmet Entertaining Cheese Board


3-5 cheese varieties (such as Brie, Swiss, Roquefort and Goat Cheese)
1 Frieda’s Wild Honeycomb
2 Frieda’s Raisins on the Vine packs (4 oz. each)
3 apples
Cured meats
1 Baguette
15 Plain Crackers


Assemble the cheeses on a large platter or attractive cutting board. Slice a large chunk of the honeycomb on a small plate and place in the center of the cheese board. Cut apples into slices and set on plate or board with raisins on the vine. Slice baguette and serve with crackers on the side, along with side plates and utensils for all. Enjoy with your favorite red or white wine for some gourmet entertaining.