Hatch Fever Pitch

Gourmet green chiles from New Mexico live up to the hype

Frieda's Specialty Produce - Hatch Green Chile

Oh, the power that is the authentic Hatch Chile from New Mexico!

Those who taste them lust after them. Foodies fall over themselves to get their hands on them. Chile pepper aficionados (or “Chile Heads”) make annual cross-country pilgrimages for them.

What’s the big deal?

Just as true Champagne or Bordeaux wine can only come from special growing regions in France, Hatch Chiles can only come from the fertile Mesilla Valley in New Mexico where the town of Hatch is situated. The region’s climate and soil conditions produce, what some say, the world’s best chile peppers — full of bold, chile flavor.

Hatch Chile’s robust flavor and zesty fragrance is enhanced when roasted over an open flame. During Hatch season, some supermarkets will roast chiles right outside the store, making it convenient for Hatch Chile lovers to stock up on their annual supply (the roasted chiles keep well in the freezer).

So, where can you find authentic Hatch Chiles in your neighborhood? Find a complete list of stores and roasting schedules here.

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