Frieda's Specialty Produce - Jalapeno Peppers


What is a Jalapeno pepper?

  • This fresh pepper originated in the town of Jalapa in Veracruz, Mexico. Their color turns from dark green to red and the skins may have sun marks or striations that indicate quality and degree of hotness. Heat is 5-6 out of 10 on the heat scale.

How to Eat

  • Chop into salsas, sauces, soups, stews, stuff with cheese and deep-fry for poppers. Great for pickling and roasting.

Health Benefits

  • Excellent source of vitamin C.

How to Choose

  • Choose peppers with smooth, firm skins. Store refrigerated, unwrapped up to 2 weeks.

How to Store

  • Store refrigerated, unwrapped up to 2 weeks.

When are they in season?

  • Year-round

Where are they grown?

  • Product of Mexico and U.S.A.


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Salsa Verde

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Cheese Filling for Tamales

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Chile Colorado (Red Chile Sauce)

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Mexican Vegetable Sauté

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Chile Peach Sherbet

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Chayote Guacamole Dip

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