Meyer Lemons: What’s not to love?

Why Meyer Lemons, you ask? This unique lemon variety is the culinary queen of the lemon world. Sweeter and less acidic than standard lemons, with a floral sweetness and slight herbal notes, Meyer Lemons were introduced to the U.S. from China by a Mr. Meyer over 100 years ago. They are believed to be a hybrid of lemon and orange, but nobody seems to know for sure.

Passing by a pile of these plump, golden-yellow lemons without a second glance is difficult. Their smooth, non-pitted skin – a glowing rich egg-yolk yellow – beckons you to touch. Such a cheerful color for these bleak winter months, Meyer Lemons are now at their peak of season in the U.S., and Frieda’s Specialty Produce is proudly offering them to supermarkets across the nation.

Here are some ideas for Meyer Lemony goodness. Do a search online, too. There is no lack of Meyer Lemon aficionados in the world of foodies in cyberspace.