Miniature Sweet Peppers

Mini Sweet Peppers are popping up in supermarkets everywhere. Their bright colors and cute little size are irresistible! But don’t worry, although they look a lot like spicy hot chile peppers, Mini Sweets are mild and sweet like bell peppers, and just as versatile.

These baby bell peppers come in mixed containers of red, orange and vibrant yellow, and are so crisp and sweet and delicious. Here are a few ideas for putting these babies to use in your kitchen:

* Slice into rings and use as a pizza topping or in sandwiches
* Slice in half lengthwise and stuff with cheese and herbs
(Our friend, Chef Gregg Denter, recently combined Frieda’s Soyrizo with cream cheese to fill these little pepper “boats.” He topped them with roasted pepitas (pumpkin seeds))
* Roast them on the grill, then slice and add to salads and burgers
* Thread on skewers for colorful veggie kebabs
* Serve on veggie platters with hummus and other healthy dips
* Stuff with ground meat and rice mixtures, then bake for bit-size appetizers
* Chop and combine with vinaigrette dressing for a colorful pepper salad
* More recipes here