Nuts about blueberries?

If you are a blueberry lover and you live in the United States, you are fortunate. Thanks to innovations in the produce industry, fresh blueberries can be found year-round in supermarkets. So, as the weather gets chilly, you can still enjoy the summery taste of these healthy berries.

Our friends at Gourmet Trading shared with us this handy chart that shows where blueberries are grown at certain times of the year.You can read more about this topic on Karen’s blog.

And, not that you need another reason to pick up a container of fresh blueberries, but did you know that blueberries are packed with flavonoids? These are nutrients being studied for their antioxidant activity on human cells — and most commonly found in fresh fruits and vegetables. Blueberries contain a particularly powerful flavonoid called “anthocyanins,” which give them their deep-blue color and are a major contributor to their antioxidant activity. In other words, blueberries are good for you!