Recipe for Romance

When it comes to sexy food, chocolate and wine aren’t the only games in town. Fruits and vegetables also have aphrodisiac properties.

Everyone wants to be loved, and maybe that’s why humans have a long history of pursuing aphrodisiacs, specific foods known for arousing sexual desire. For thousands of years, fruits and vegetables have been among the items prescribed as love potions to get lovers in the mood or as sexual performance enhancers to better the experience.  Science has finally caught up to explain the real story behind the legendary power of some of these aphrodisiacs.


Frieda's Specialty Produce - White Asparagus

It’s not all about the phallic look of an Asparagus. This sexy spear is also packed with vitamins and, most importantly, folic acid which is said to boost histamine production necessary for the ability to reach orgasm in both men and women. Have you ever tried White Asparagus? Even sexier on a plate than the green one!

Chile Peppers

Frieda's Specialty Produce - Chile de Arbol

The exotic origin and red color make these peppers one sexy vegetable. But scientifically speaking, the capsaicin in the Chiles can speed up our heart rate, warming us up to get our body in the mood. The capsaicin also stimulates endorphins, the feel good chemicals in our brains associated with orgasms. Whoo! Did it just get hot in here?


Frieda's Specialty Produce - Black Garlic

Consider this: garlic has been used as an aphrodisiac by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Japanese. The bulb is high in allicin, a compound that increases blood flow to the body. Better blood flow means increased sexual stamina. Make sure both participating parties partake in some garlic for maximum enjoyment…or try less pungent Black Garlic!

Pine Nuts

Frieda's Specialty Produce - Pine Nuts

These little nuts are possibly the world’s first male performance enhancer. An ancient Arabic love manual refers to Pine Nuts in a prescription to restore a man’s sexual vigor: “A glass of thick honey, plus 20 almonds and 100 pine nuts repeated for three nights.” In reality, Pine Nuts are actually high in zinc, an essential chemical in the production of testosterone, which is linked to a healthy sex drive.


Frieda's Specialty Produce - Zululand Queen Baby Pineapple

The universal symbol of hospitality, the Pineapple has been historically used as a natural remedy for impotence. Pineapples are packed with manganese, a mineral essential for sexual health especially for men. They also help provide the body with thiamine, which helps provide the energy needed for optimal sex drive. May we suggest starting your romantic evening with the personal-serving size Zululand Queen Baby Pineapples? (They also make for a unique addition to a floral arrangement!)


Frieda's Specialty Produce - Pomegranate

Pomegranate is quite literally an aphrodisiac of epic proportion. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is said to have planted the first tree.  It is also said that Adam and Eve bit into this forbidden fruit and not an apple.  In addition to consuming the fruit, the juice from the Pomegranate Arils was also used as lip and cheek stains in ancient times. Present day scientists have found that antioxidants in the fruit help with overall blood flow to the body and that the juice helps boost testosterone levels in men and women.

Hot and bothered after reading about all of these great produce? Time to try them for yourself!

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