Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup

Serving Size



Serving Size



  • 5 to 6 dried peppers (such as dried bird peppers), rehydrated according to package directions

  • 3 3/4 cups skim milk

  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut milk

  • 2 cups chicken broth, low sodium

  • 2 pieces lemongrass, peeled and cut into thirds

  • 3 chicken breasts, skinned, boned, and cut into 1/2-inch pieces

  • 1 tablespoon fresh ginger, minced

  • 1 1/2 cups carrot, sliced into rounds, then halved

  • 1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced

  • 3 green onions, cut into 1/2-inch pieces

  • 2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, minced

  • 1 teaspoon cumin

  • 1/4 teaspoon salt

  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper

  • 2 tablespoons lime juice

  • Fresh cilantro sprigs


Cooking Steps

  1. 1

    Remove stems and seeds from the chiles and mince. Bring the milk, coconut milk and broth to a boil in a large saucepan. Add the lemon grass, chicken, chiles, and ginger. Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes.

  2. 2

    Strain the soup, reserving the chicken. Remove the lemon grass pieces. Return the strained liquid to the saucepan. Add the chicken, carrot, mushrooms, green onions, cilantro, cumin, salt and pepper.

  3. 3

    Bring the soup to a boil; reduce the heat to low. Simmer for 5 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Stir in lime juice. Garnish with fresh cilantro.

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