Servings: 36

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Snap and Crisp Endive Appetizers


2 Heads Frieda’s Belgian Endive
3 3-ounce packages Frieda’s Sugar Snap® Peas
1 4-ounce package soft herb flavored cheese
Half of an 8-ounce package soft cream cheese
1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard
Fresh herb sprigs such as dill or watercress for garnish


Slice off 1/2-inch from the base of the Endive. Separate leaves; lay them curled side up on a serving platter. Trim off a thin slice from underside if leaves do not “sit” up straight. Remove strings from Sugar Snaps if necessary; set aside.

Combine the herb-flavored cheese, cream cheese and mustard in a blender container or food processor. Process until well combined. Pipe or spoon mixture into Belgian Endive leaves. Place one Sugar Snap Pea pod into cheese mixture in each leaf; garnish each appetizer with an herb sprig.