Sweetness and light: Wild honeycomb from New Zealand

Sweet, pure, golden honey oozes right out of the delicate waxy comb. Sticky, sweet, floral, ethereal. Honey doesn’t get much sweeter than this. Winnie the Pooh would be drooling.

Wild honeycomb is “the nectar of the gods” in its purest, most natural form. Raw, unprocessed honeycomb is gently removed from the beehive. The amber syrup is naturally sealed inside the delicate beeswax combs, preserving its intoxicating floral fragrance and heavenly, sweet taste. Frieda’s Specialty Produce distributes this sweet delicacy to supermarket produce departments around the United States.

Each season, a family of beekeepers in the pristine New Zealand countryside collect the bees’ sweet bounty for Frieda’s. The beehives are scattered around meadows and pastures filled with wildflowers such as clover, thistle, dandelion and buttercup, which lend a balanced, medium-bodied sweetness to the rich golden honey.

Frieda’s Wild Honeycomb is not heated or processed in any way – just as the bees intended. Beekeepers simply cut the natural honeycomb into 12-inch square blocks, encase them in light wooden frames and wrap in cellophane. Frieda’s Honeycomb is ready for you to slice and savor the sublime sweetness!

Delicate honeycomb is entirely edible, and many people enjoy slices of fresh honeycomb on toast for breakfast. Others may choose to discard the beeswax after chewing and enjoying the honey inside. To use just the honey, cut away portions and drain the honey from the comb to use in recipes.

While honey is a wonderful natural alternative to white processed sugar, it’s also highly valued for its medicinal properties. Recent studies suggest that natural

honey can heal wounds, soothe coughs and even kill bacteria, thanks to a combination of pollen, propolis, vitamins, enzymes and trace minerals the bee’s put into it. (Note: Do not feed honey to children under 12 months as it may contain bacterial spores that have been associated with infant botulism.)

Celebrate the sweet work of the honeybee. Stop by your favorite supermarket or request Frieda’s Wild Honeycomb from your produce manager. Also available for online purchase.