Los Alamitos, CA (February 2021) — The lull between the Super Bowl and Easter often leaves grocery stores and shoppers looking for a bit of retail excitement—making it the perfect time to leverage that treasure hunt mentality and introduce new tropical favorites like dragon fruit.

Dragon fruit is no longer just for summer, in fact, 42% of shoppers said they would like to buy dragon fruit year-round1. With this in mind, Frieda’s has created attention-getting, limited-edition ElastiTags® that showcase the different varieties of dragon fruit, including Honey Dragon™ and Snow Dragon™. These tags make it easier for shoppers to know what the fruit will look and taste like on the inside and they give consumers a reason to try both varieties.

“Promoting multiple varieties through inviting, bountiful displays is key right now, as shoppers are visiting stores less but stocking up when they do shop,” says Cindy Sherman, director of marketing innovation & insights at Frieda’s. In fact, a recent survey from Deloitte Consulting found that 54% of shoppers said they are visiting stores less frequently than before, with most only going to the store once every two weeks2.

Merchandise the two varieties together, alongside citrus favorites like sumo mandarins and pixie tangerines, to increase dollar ring. Or, add some excitement to your tropicals table with an eye-catching display of dragon fruit, jackfruit and pineapples for a vibrant and fun display.

Frieda’s has strong supply of these two dragon fruit varieties from Ecuador and they will be available until the end of April.

Contact your Frieda’s account representative today for merchandising suggestions, including our colorful 3-tier shipper, that maximize your sales per square foot.


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2  Deloitte Fresh Food Consumer Survey, 2020

Los Alamitos, CA (January 2021) – Lunar New Year, which begins on February 12, 2021, is the perfect time to help shoppers discover new food favorites, and Frieda’s customized Asian vegetable program makes it easy. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, symbolizing hard work and honesty; we think it’s quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Increased family time and at-home eating might be one of the pandemic’s most positive outcomes. However, shoppers are increasingly facing food fatigue. Celebrating Lunar New Year is a great way to keep shoppers inspired with new Asian vegetable favorites. A recent study shows that 50% of shoppers are interested in cooking Asian food at home1 and 58% want to try new Asian vegetables when cooking Asian food2.

“2021’s focus is on adventure and wellness, and our Asian vegetable assortment reflects that. Bestselling and in-demand items like bok choy, gai lan and Chinese eggplant bring much needed excitement to everyday eating while fresh ginger, turmeric and lemongrass, are perfect for promoting balance and wellness,” says Cindy Sherman, director of marketing and innovation at Frieda’s.

Frieda’s recommends creating displays that give shoppers fun and inspiring meal ideas like at-home noodle and spring roll bars. Display complementary items such as wonton and eggroll wrappers and kimchi, and tie them in with food items from other departments—like soy sauce, chopsticks and even red napkins—to be a one-stop destination for Lunar New Year cooking. Given the timing, these are perfect stay-in Valentine’s Day ideas, and nice alternatives to Italian food and pasta.

At Frieda’s, we take great pride in making your store the place for exciting seasonal shopping. Call your Frieda’s account manager today and make your produce department the ultimate Lunar New Year destination!


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