Los Alamitos, CA (March 2021) – It’s a special time for Frieda’s Branded Produce, as we are celebrating 60 years in business! In 1962, our late, fearless founder Frieda Rapoport Caplan embraced the mission to advocate for the unspoken fruits and vegetables of the world—like spaghetti squash, dragon fruit, and the landmark item that put Frieda’s on the map nationwide—kiwifruit.

Frieda’s made major headway in the industry during the ‘60’s with the bold move of labeling produce with a sticker containing a coinciding recipe. Frieda did this to entice shoppers to try and purchase produce that was unfamiliar to them at first glance. “We were the first to not only label our products, but because there was some empty space on the first label, my mom decided to offer free recipes to the consumer by asking them to send us a self-addressed stamped envelope with ideas,” says Frieda’s CEO Karen Caplan. “Never could she imagine that more than 300-500 individual shoppers would write to us for recipes every week! I know this happened, as answering those letters was my first job! This was before the internet, so Frieda’s became the trusted source for recipes and information to shoppers for new and exotic produce.”

Sixty years later, we are still carrying out our mission of inspiring healthy, colorful, and delicious eating by educating consumers and the industry on how to enjoy unique produce. The number 60 has also taken on special meaning to us lately. Based on a C&R omnibus research survey of 1,000 people in partnership with Frieda’s, 60% of shoppers are saying that Frieda’s branded produce is: 1) more likely to catch their eye in stores, 2) contains the most appealing names, and 3) has the most up-to-date branding versus the leading specialty produce competitor.* “Consumers are telling us that our packaging looks better than ever, and our research shows that shoppers are willing to pay more for our items vs. the competition,” says Alex Jackson, Frieda’s director of sales. “Not only does that help bring your produce department to life, but it also translates into higher sales per square foot for our retail clients.”

In honor of our 60-year anniversary, we have released a celebration-worthy bespoke birthday cake recipe that features some of our most exclusive and favorite items like Popjoys® kumquatsStokes Purple® sweet potatoes, and Frieda’s pink lemons.

We’d love to hear from you with your favorite memories of Frieda and Frieda’s! Share them with us on social media today on Instagram and Facebook to help us celebrate 60 years of sweet.


Sourcing: *C&R omnibus 1,000 person survey study, Winter of 2022

Los Alamitos, CA (March 2021) – As we continue to celebrate women’s history month this March, Frieda’s has chosen to revisit the Produce Portrait series created last year as a way to honor women trailblazers, like our very own Frieda Rapoport Caplan. In 2021 we highlighted a few amazing women—the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, poet laureate Amanda Gorman and our founder the late Frieda Rapoport Caplan—in a colorful portrait format embellished with fresh produce.

This year the Frieda’s team has decided to highlight artist and creator Frida Kahlo. Beyond the obvious sharing of a namesake, Kahlo was selected because of her ability to bend what was considered the “norm.” Kahlo’s uncompromising-yet-brilliant art touched on identity, human body, and activism. Beyond her work, she was an icon throughout the 20th century as she forged new definitions of sexual identity, gender roles, and overall expression for women in that time. Because, of course, normal is boring.

Kahlo’s iconic look was brought to life by watermelon radishes, colored cauliflower, popjoys® kumquats, pink lemons, shallots, kiwi berries, ghost peppers, mahana™ ginger and baby friseè.

“When our team was brainstorming this piece of work, we were inspired to pair Frieda’s impact with someone who empowered women to change their mindset of what ‘normal’ meant. Kahlo created many self-portraits, which expressed her individuality—celebrating self-love. Her work often featured flowers, bold colors and even fruit. We hoped to capture her creative essence, style and unique look through this produce portrait,” says Lourdes Narvaez, Frieda’s senior creative manager and creator of the produce portraits. “Both Frida and Frieda refused to be ordinary, and that’s what Frieda’s and our produce portrait series is all about.”

There are many (dare we say all?) women to celebrate this month. From every female making a difference in the produce industry, to the fearless female business and political leaders creating new definitions of success, to the mothers out there raising children that will define future generations, Frieda’s salutes you! Cheers to all the successes that come your way!

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Los Alamitos, CA (March 2022) – March marks the beginning of women’s history month, a way to pause and take note of the important contributions women have made in our world. How many women do you know who have influenced you to step out of your comfort zone or try something new?

This month, honor a woman in your life by gifting her Try It! How Frieda Caplan Changed the Way We Eat to share with a child or grandchild. This fun and engaging children’s book encourages the youngest consumers to try new things—just like Frieda did when introducing specialty produce items to the market.

In its first year on the market, Try It! has been named one of the Top 10 children’s books of 2021 by Smithsonian Magazine, which promotes selections that teach important life lessons.

“Frieda Caplan isn’t a household name, and yet for all the produce that might be in your house thanks to her—kiwi, spaghetti squash, baby carrots, sugar snap peas—it should be!” notes Smithsonian Magazine’s senior editor Megan Gambino. “While many titles that fall in this subgenre of children’s books can be overburdened with facts, this one stays light and lively, as [Mara] Rockliff tells the story of how Caplan introduced grocers—and therefore, consumers—to offerings more exotic than the usual apples, bananas, potatoes and tomatoes.”

The book has also recently received a 2021 EUREKA! Honor Award for nonfiction children’s books from the California Reading Association, which strives to guide parents and teachers in finding a variety of genres for their kids to explore.

Try It! offers a way to celebrate new experiences and encourages kids, who are often picky eaters, to step out of their comfort zone and try a new food.

Gift a book this month in celebration of women who have made an impact on the way we eat today. Or, in honor of Frieda—whose company celebrates 60 years this year—buy a few copies to donate to a school library or use them as a promotion tool in your produce department.