Angelcot® Crop Anticipated To Move Fast

Los Alamitos, CA (June 2022) The highly coveted, always anticipated Angelcot® season has begun, and this year we celebrate the labor of love that gives this unique varietal its rosy glow. Grown in Brentwood, CA, this crown jewel of the stone fruit season does not spend much time on the store shelf.

Angelcots® are white-fleshed apricots known for having delicate skin and sweet flesh. They have the juiciness of the ripest nectarine with the delicate texture and aroma of an apricot. Angelcots® have the perfect balance of acid and sugar with a buttery, perfume-like sweetness. The exterior of the fruit is characterized by blushing—the telltale sign that you are about to eat an Angelcot® instead of a regular old apricot.

“There are many reasons consumers love the Angelcot®,” shared Alex Jackson, director of sales for Frieda’s Branded Produce. “From the delicate blush color this fruit adds to any Instagram feed, to its sweet taste, the Angelcot® is at the top of consumer’s stone fruit must-eat list this summer.”

Unique tarping and reflection of the sun helps to form the angelic blushing that makes this apricot so special. Grown exclusively for Frieda’s by a family-owned, 3rd-generation business, this seasonal specialty can be enjoyed chilled, grilled or simply out of hand.

The sweeter flavor profile of this bite-sized stone fruit makes Angelcot® the perfect variety to introduce to younger shoppers. Promote them for snacking, baking, salads, or curate your own beautiful charcuterie board with other seasonal fruits and honey. The crop is limited and mostly pre-booked, so act now and call your Frieda’s account manager today to request samples for next year.

About Frieda’s Inc.

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