Bring Luck and Abundance to Your Lunar New Year Sales

Anaheim, CA — Frieda’s Branded Produce is ready to celebrate the Year of the Dragon with you and your customers for the Lunar New Year, starting February 10. Along with an array of fresh items, they are excited to feature Honey Dragons® for their sweet flavor & golden color and Snow Dragons® for their texture and large size. Frieda’s looks forward to 2024 and a full year of dragon fruit success with a well-crafted and powerful program.

As shoppers around the world plan to celebrate this symbolic and food-filled holiday, Frieda’s is here to ensure retailers are well-prepared to meet shoppers’ demands while boosting promotional sales dollars.

To leverage the spirited Year of the Dragon, Frieda’s is fully committed to assisting retailers in showcasing their impressive dragon fruit collection, strategy, and marketing campaign. When you partner with Frieda’s, you’ll have access to a well-rounded menu of marketing support – think, consumer-friendly POS displays, approachable packaging, and a complete set of downloadable digital assets that will elevate your customer’s knowledge of this trending and growing category.

“Our dragon fruit collection is more than just colorful and delicious,” said Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales and Procurement at Frieda’s Branded Produce. “It also has a proven track record of increasing sales in the tropical category while increasing margins.” From the refreshing Snow Dragons® to the sweet Honey Dragons®, Frieda’s takes pride in presenting retailers with a year-round multi-variety program from several countries that will keep customers satisfied and your stores stocked with dragon fruit throughout 2024, carrying on the dragon theme all year long.

Traditionally, dragons symbolize power, nobility, luck, and success, gifted with innate courage, tenacity, and intelligence – with these traits, Frieda’s is inspired to carry along these powerful meanings for 2024 alongside their partners and retailers for a prosperous new year.

“Dragon fruit won’t be the only star of our Lunar New Year offerings,” mentioned Alex. “Golden citrus takes its place in the spotlight during this auspicious season. Its round shapes and gold hues are believed to bring luck, fullness, and wealth. Stock up on other Lunar New Year favorites, such as our delightful Popjoys® kumquats, Buddha’s Hand, Mandarinquats, and an array of other lucky citrus.

Make this Lunar New Year one to remember! Reach out to the sales team at Frieda’s Branded Produce and ensure that you’re fully prepared to dazzle your shoppers with their extraordinary dragon fruit collection and a host of other delightful produce options.