Celebrating Women Portrait Series #2 with Frida Kahlo

Los Alamitos, CA (March 2021) – As we continue to celebrate women’s history month this March, Frieda’s has chosen to revisit the Produce Portrait series created last year as a way to honor women trailblazers, like our very own Frieda Rapoport Caplan. In 2021 we highlighted a few amazing women—the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, poet laureate Amanda Gorman and our founder the late Frieda Rapoport Caplan—in a colorful portrait format embellished with fresh produce.

This year the Frieda’s team has decided to highlight artist and creator Frida Kahlo. Beyond the obvious sharing of a namesake, Kahlo was selected because of her ability to bend what was considered the “norm.” Kahlo’s uncompromising-yet-brilliant art touched on identity, human body, and activism. Beyond her work, she was an icon throughout the 20th century as she forged new definitions of sexual identity, gender roles, and overall expression for women in that time. Because, of course, normal is boring.

Kahlo’s iconic look was brought to life by watermelon radishes, colored cauliflower, popjoys® kumquats, pink lemons, shallots, kiwi berries, ghost peppers, mahana™ ginger and baby friseè.

“When our team was brainstorming this piece of work, we were inspired to pair Frieda’s impact with someone who empowered women to change their mindset of what ‘normal’ meant. Kahlo created many self-portraits, which expressed her individuality—celebrating self-love. Her work often featured flowers, bold colors and even fruit. We hoped to capture her creative essence, style and unique look through this produce portrait,” says Lourdes Narvaez, Frieda’s senior creative manager and creator of the produce portraits. “Both Frida and Frieda refused to be ordinary, and that’s what Frieda’s and our produce portrait series is all about.”

There are many (dare we say all?) women to celebrate this month. From every female making a difference in the produce industry, to the fearless female business and political leaders creating new definitions of success, to the mothers out there raising children that will define future generations, Frieda’s salutes you! Cheers to all the successes that come your way!

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