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Did you know that YouTube is the #2 search engine, after Google?  I learned that at a seminar I recently attended. 

It made me smile, because Frieda’s started producing our own YouTube videos a few years ago, and eventually decided to have our own channel.

Because we sell such crazy looking fruits and vegetables, it was natural to do short, fun, quirky videos about our unique produce.

Our video on Blood Oranges has a Halloween theme with vampires and our video on Coconuts highlights the best way to open a Coconut. (We prefer the “Nail, Hammer, Towel” method.)

Link to video:

Link to video:

We even produced a short video highlighting some of the hundreds of produce items we have introduced to American consumers over the last 50 years.

Just last month, we produced and published a video highlighting Rambutan fruit. Also known as a “Hairy Lychee,” the Rambutan’s inner flesh resembles a Lychee, but it has hairy “tentacles” on the outside.

As you browse our YouTube video library, you may wonder, who are those people on the screen? Well, they are actually members of the Frieda’s sales and marketing team!  We love to demonstrate our fun loving company culture and recruit team members to get in front of the camera.

My coworker Terri, who is our Director of Marketing, tells me that we don’t talk often enough about our company culture. As a family-owned company for more than 50 years, and a woman-owned and managed business, I think we are a pretty unique company – and not just for the produce industry. Plus, we are like a giant family, which is probably why one of our employee-actors, Adam, allowed us to spray paint his hair RED for the very end of our Rambutan video!

So, thank you Hazel, the voice of Frieda’s YouTube videos, Mark, Alex, and Adam for helping us show our unique products and company culture.  And a big thank you to our Creative Director, Marliese, who shoots, edits and produces them all!

By the way, we started producing these YouTube videos as an easy and short (less than 2 minutes) educational offering for our retail clients. Even produce managers are perplexed by Buddha’s Hand Citrus, Horned Melons and our latest introduction, the Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato.