Frieda’s Branded Produce’s Lourdes Tuason Comments on Besties Win

– I’m sure I speak for most consumers, but we eat with our eyes first. The shine on the fruit, the steam rising from the plate, or the curious colors and shapes on a piece of produce not on our radar, these attributes and more are what drive our stomachs—and wallets.

Social media has been a powerful tool in helping amplify fresh produce aisles, and Frieda’s Branded Produce has proved its strength in utilizing this platform to put out tasty creations. Choosing the company that represents the Best Social Media Culinary Artistry category was no easy feat, but this year’s winner goes to the company that embraces the uniqueness all around us—and puts it onto the plate.

“Our team is over the moon to have received the Bestie Award from our friends at AndNowUKnow. Being recognized in the Best Social Media Culinary Artistry category is a tremendous honor,” shared Lourdes Tuason, Creative Director. “This award isn’t just for us. It’s for every foodie friend who’s joined our culinary adventure, every grocer who’s displayed our products, and every fork that’s dug into the creations we’ve shared. We promise to keep cooking up creativity!”

Here at AndNowUKnow and The Snack Magazine, we take great pride in showcasing the diverse and flavorful world of fresh produce, but it’s companies like Frieda’s Branded Produce that really put them in the limelight. We in the industry can sing praises for the fruits and vegetables producers tirelessly grow, but one easy way to have shoppers believe is by tasting. The next best option is putting a dish together and snapping a pic for the world to see.

This year, we in the office have spotted—and drooled over—many delicious-looking creations put together by the Frieda’s team, and we’re honored to bestow the Besties Award for Best Social Media Culinary Artistry to these creative minds. The company has created a bridge between trade and consumers through social media, providing recipe possibilities and inspiration to drive purchase intent and trials. I, for one, can attest to pinning appetizing posts and pulling them up in the store.

Congratulations once more to the team!