Frieda’s Hatch Chiles are back!

Los Alamitos, CA (July 2020) – The famous, flavorful Hatch chile pepper is back! Frieda’s sources these tasty chiles directly from Hatch, New Mexico—and they are certified authentic. Hatch chile season started in late July and is expected to continue through the end of summer.

While COVID-19 has prevented many retailers from doing their annual Hatch roasting events in-store, you can still bring the hatch experience to life and draw in-store traffic this August.
“We recommend you feature POS and stanchion signs to inform shoppers about the limited-time availability of the peppers, as well as how easy it is to roast them at home,” says Alex Berkley, director of sales at Frieda’s. “We also suggest integrating Hatch peppers into grab-and-go foods like Hatch enchiladas and Hatch mac and cheese to drive hatch excitement in other parts of the store.”

The limited-time availability of this special zesty pepper plays into the phenomenon of FOMO— the fear of missing out. Research by Eventbrite suggests that when faced with an exclusive item being consumed by their peers, over 60 percent of millennials will experience FOMO and make their way to stores to purchase an item. This means increased sales for your store from this highly desirable demographic. And remember, there is an entire community of “chile heads” who wait all year to buy fresh Hatch chiles so they can roast them and freeze them for year-round use.

Frieda’s offers Hatch chiles in a branded 25-pound case, which can be used for side-stack displays, and in 2-pound retail pouches in mild, medium and hot heat levels.
Frieda’s works closely with its grower partners to ensure excellent quality and strong supply until the end of the season. Call your Frieda’s account manager today to receive samples and learn how to make a hatch splash in your store this year!
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