Interest in Specialty Produce Outranks Kale This Easter

Los Alamitos, CA – (February 2019) – Over the years, Easter has evolved from the full-spread dinner where ham is the center of the table to a brunch focus with lighter fare and more produce. And this trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

According to a recent study by C + R Research in partnership with Frieda’s, 68 percent of shoppers plan to serve more vegetable-forward dishes this spring. Furthermore, the same study revealed, 66 percent of shoppers are looking to try new varieties like Colored Cauliflower and Rainbow Carrots over classic items such as kale and artichokes. “Here at Frieda’s, we were surprised to learn how interested shoppers are in trying new vegetables in spring, primarily driven by millennials,” says Alex Berkley, sales manager at Frieda’s. “This is suggestive of everything we have been learning about millennials’ tastes, but the survey really drives it home.”

The interest in variety is good news for retailers because the same study revealed that variety drives in-store traffic. In fact, 73 percent of shoppers will choose one grocery store over another, if one offers better variety (C + R Research, 2019). “Frieda’s is working hard to make sure all retailers are able to fulfill their shoppers’ desires for variety, especially when thinking about celebrating Easter and Passover. So stock up on items like Fennel, Purple Asparagus, Sunchokes®, Pink Lemons and Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes to help shoppers plan their menus as they serve up dishes like Stokes Purple® Sweet Potato Frittata, Hearty Sunchoke® and Wild Mushroom Salad and Granola-Crusted Pink Lemon Tartlets,” says Berkley.

Additionally, supply is shaping up nicely for spring items. “Although weather has kept us on our toes in California, we are excited about the outlook of our supplies on the best spring sellers,” says Allen Demo, director of procurement and sourcing at Frieda’s. “Along with our western vegetables and California citrus supplies, our Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes remain high in quality and rich in flavor, especially over other varieties on the market.”

Drive your produce sales this spring by taking advantage of the variety and great supply of Frieda’s spring products. Call your Frieda’s account manager today for merchandising, signage and recipe solutions that will make shoppers say, “Move over ham, I’m ready for more vegetables.”



  1. C+R Research Omnibus Survey. Sample size of 1,000 people. Representative of total U.S. demographics.


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