The Summer of Yes… Why You Should Sell Both Lychee and Rambutan

Los Alamitos, CA (May 2022) – Summer is just about here! Hiking by a mountain-rimmed lake– yes! Beachside surfing–yes! Theme parks galore–yes! There’s no need to settle for just one favorite, as this is the summer of AND! So, say YES to carrying both of these tropical favorites—lychees AND rambutans—together this season.

Limited-edition lychees from Mexico are here and this year the crop is looking better than ever with deep-red skin, bright, crisp flesh AND sweet floral notes-YUM! The crop of Rambas® Rambutans has already made it to market, and these juicy tricksters (which are larger than lychees) are rambunctious on the outside AND sweet on the inside, with tart notes that balance the sweetness.

You don’t have to choose one over the other—embrace the summer of Yes…AND! This year carry Rambas® Rambutans alongside lychees for the season. In fact, on average, retailers that carried both lychees and rambutans at the same time sold 70% more dollars per store vs retailers that carried just one of these items. These retailers sold three times more units and saw almost 90% growth across these items over the previous year, compared to retailers that only carried one of the two tropical fruits (who saw a sales growth of only 26% over the previous year).*

“Lychees and rambutans make a powerful statement together and act as a draw for shoppers that may be hunting for something new to try,” says Alex Jackson, director of sales for Frieda’s Branded Produce. “Just like carrying multiple colors of grapes or several kinds of berries, when shoppers see a display of rambutans and lychees, they are more likely to pick up both—which drives the increase in total units per store per week.”

Frieda’s has these spiky fruits in stock and is ready to take your summer tropical orders. Call your account manager today for samples, while they last.

*source: MULO 8 Weeks ending 7-25-21. Comparison across group of retailers that carried both rambutans and lychees during the same weeks vs group of retailers that only carried one or the other.