This Season’s Most Popular Pepper has Hatched

Los Alamitos, CA (July 2022) – The famous, flavorful, limited-edition Hatch Chiles are back in season and the quality is some of the best we’ve seen in recent years. Frieda’s Branded Produce is kicking off the season with strong supplies and outstanding flavor.

Frieda’s works in partnership with certified, authentic growers located in Hatch, New Mexico—yes, there is a certification! This popular pepper supply is anticipated to pick up after the middle of July, with the season expected to continue through the end of September.

“Dedicated fans of the peppers drive across town—and state lines—to get their Hatch Chiles by the case,” said Alex Jackson, Director of Sales at Frieda’s. “We’re pleased to be part of the annual trek to enjoy these fresh, zesty authentically Hatch Valley-grown peppers.”

Frieda’s friendly and inviting pouch bag is designed to bring ‘Hatchlings’ (shoppers new to Hatch Chiles) into the fold, growing the community of Chile Heads year-over-year. According to a recent study 33% of shoppers avoid buying new fruits or vegetables because they don’t know how to use them. However, 48% of shoppers say that friendly, approachable packaging gets them over that hump to try something new. The Frieda’s packaging offers consumers descriptive flavor details and recipe inspiration that draws everyone into this irresistible pepper!

“Grown in the fertile rich soil of Hatch Valley, New Mexico, the warm dry summer days combined with cool crisp nights, helps create the perfect elements for the unique flavor of Hatch green chile peppers,” said Allen DeMo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing at Frieda’s. “This cannot be replicated in other regions of New Mexico. It’s unique to Hatch Valley product.”

Frieda’s offers Hatch Chiles in a branded 25-pound case, which can be used for side-stack displays, and in 1- and 2-pound retail pouches with convenient stickers guiding the consumer to choose between mild, medium, and hot heat levels.

Our dedicated team offers merchandising suggestions that drive higher traffic to your produce department, while increasing dollar ring and overall sales. Call your account manager today to receive samples and learn how to make a Hatch splash in your store this year!

Source: C+R 1,000 person study, 2022

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