True Food Kitchen

Several times a month I get the opportunity to entertain clients. For me, they are usually men, and I  assume dinner means going to a steak house.

That was until one of my clients decided to go healthy and lost a significant amount of weight by changing his eating and exercise regime. We set up a dinner and when I asked him what kind of food he was in the mood for, he said “something healthy.” I have to admit – I was very excited!

Since I started my vegan journey, I have explored all kinds of new restaurants in Southern California that offer healthier options. One of my favorites is True Food Kitchen, located in Orange County. True Food Kitchen was the brainchild of the famous Dr. Andrew Weil. The menu choices are based on his anti-inflammatory diet. He recently sold the concept to Sam Fox, owner of Fox Restaurant Concepts, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. I wrote about Fox Restaurant Concepts last May here.

True Food Kitchen is now their fastest growing concept and in addition to restaurants in California and Arizona, they are opening three new locations in Texas. The restaurant chain was also featured in the November 2012 issue of Prevention Magazine and the December 2012 issue of OC METRO Magazine

In October, when I told my client and his three work colleagues we were going somewhere “different” for dinner, I could tell that they were a bit apprehensive.  However, everyone loved the food, loved the flavors, and especially loved that they did not feel overly stuffed or uncomfortable after dinner!

If you are coming to Southern California or the Scottsdale area this winter, I highly recommend a meal at True Food Kitchen.

Now, I guess I need to add  Dr. Andrew Weil to my bucket list of people I want to meet!