Vegan Journey: The challenge of eating out—or not

When I started my vegan journey, I was not terribly worried about ordering vegan-friendly food at a restaurant, but so many people have asked, “So what do you order?”

My two defaults, of course, are green salad or steamed vegetables.
But I was pleasantly surprised when I was at lunch with a client and he chose to dine at Elephant Bar Restaurant. Hesitantly, I shared with him that I had recently “gone vegan” and he told me he thought I would find something I could eat.
Instead of assuming they had no vegetarian or vegan choices, I decided to read through the entire menu and found a stir-fry vegetable dish with rice noodles.
Because I try not to eat wheat, finding rice noodles (which I find are much lighter) was a treat. I happily ordered their stir fry vegetables on a bed of rice noodles and it was fantastic!
You can find rice noodles in most supermarket produce or deli departments. And because so many consumers have wheat or gluten allergies, I think you’ll start finding them in many restaurants!

I have been eating vegan for two weeks now, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything!