Frieda's Specialty Produce - Eggroll Wrappers


What are Eggroll Wrappers?

  • Paper-thin, 6.5-inch squares of raw pastry dough; traditionally used to make egg rolls and spring rolls by filling with meats and vegetables, rolling into a cylindrical shape, dipping in batter and deep-frying.
  • Frieda’s eggroll wrappers contain no eggs.

How to Use

  • Fill these paper-thin sheets of dough with vegetables, meat, seafood or fresh fruit and boil, deep-fry or steam. Great for appetizers, snacks or side dishes.

Health Benefits

  • Good source of iron. No MSG. No trans fat.

How to Store

  • Keep refrigerated, or freeze up to 6 months.

Where are they produced?

  • U.S.A.


Pizza Bites

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Chicken Egg Rolls

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Banana Filled Egg Rolls with Custard Sauce

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