Frieda's Specialty Produce - Cherimoya


What is a Cherimoya?

  • Cherimoyas are native to the mountains of Ecuador and Peru. Early Americans discovered them and introduced them to Europe. Now they are grown in most tropical areas around the world and in Southern California.
  • Cherimoyas have a wonderfully sweet, custard-like, banana-pineapple flavor when ripe. The inner flesh is soft, moist and creamy-white with large inedible seeds. Its flavor is so good that even Mark Twain referred to the fruit as “deliciousness itself!” They are also known as Custard Apples and are a close relative to Atemoyas.

How to Eat

  • Slice in half and scoop out flesh with a spoon, or peel and slice into chunks and drizzle with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Add to fruit salads or purée and add to smoothies and desserts.

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Health Benefits

  • Rich source of vitamin C, supplies potassium, and provides fiber.

How to Choose

  • Choose blemish and bruise-free fruits.

How to Store

  • Let ripen at room temperature until it feels like a soft avocado. Once ripe, refrigerate and use within 3 days.

When are they in season?

  • U.S.A. cherimoya is available November to April/May, and Chile cherimoya is available June/July to October/November.

Where are they grown?

  • Product of U.S.A. or Chile


Spirited Cherimoyas

Spirited Cherimoyas Ingredients: Cider or orange juice. 1 ripe Frieda’s Cherimoya, peeled, seeded, and cut into bite-sized chunks 1 to 2 tablespoons orange or cherry liqueur 2 papaya halves or large orange shells, hollowed Fresh mint sprigs  (optional garnish) Steps … Continue reading

Cherimoya Melon Soufflé

Cherimoya Melon Soufflé Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups peeled, seeded, cubed ripe Frieda’s Cherimoya 1 cup cubed ripe melon or sliced strawberries 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin 5 egg whites 1/2 cup sugar 1 cup heavy cream, whipped 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Steps: … Continue reading

Cherimoya Curacao

Cherimoya Curacao Ingredients: 1 firm, ripe Cherimoya 1 cup papaya, cubed (like Miradol Papaya) 1 cup fresh pineapple chunks (Try it with Zululand Queen Baby Pineapple.) 3 tablespoons Curaçao, other orange liqueur like Grand Marnier, or orange juice Unsweetened whipped … Continue reading

Fresh Fruit Curacao

Fresh Fruit Curacao Ingredients: 1 large papaya (such as Hawaiian Papaya), peeled, seeded, and sliced 1 medium Cherimoya, peeled, seeded, cut into bite-sized chunks 2 Kiwifruit or Gold Kiwifruit, peeled, sliced 2 Feijoa, peeled and cut up ½ cup orange … Continue reading

Tropical Fruit Meringues

Tropical Fruit Meringues Ingredients 2 Martha’s Best papayas, halved and seeded (about 2 cups) 1 cup tropical fruits of your choice such as peeled and seeded cherimoya, peeled and sliced gold kiwifruit, or peeled and chopped baby pineapple. 3 egg … Continue reading

Cherimoya-Coconut Sherbert

Cherimoya-Coconut Sherbert Ingredients: 6 small or 3 large Frieda’s Cherimoya, peeled, seeded, into 1 inch pieces 1 cup toasted flaked coconut 6 tablespoons lemon juice 1 cup packed brown sugar 72-ounces evaporated milk Steps: In a blender or food processor … Continue reading

Cherimoya Custard Pie

Cherimoya Custard Pie Ingredients: 1 10-inch unbaked deep-dish pie shell 1 Frieda’s Cherimoya (about 1 lb.), peeled, seeded and diced 3 eggs, separated 1 cup evaporated milk 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 1/8 teaspoon salt Sweetened whipped cream … Continue reading

Glazed Fruit Tarts

Glazed Fruit Tarts Ingredients: 12 Frieda’s Won Ton Wrappers ¼ cup apple juice concentrate, thawed 1 teaspoon cornstarch or arrowroot 2 cups fresh fruit, chopped such as Frieda’s Sunrise Papaya, Mango, Asian Pear, Kiwifruit, Cherimoya ½ cup low-fat whipped cream, … Continue reading