Frieda’s Helps Shoppers Look Beyond Fish for Lent

Los Alamitos, CA (February 2020) – Lent is a perfect time to help shoppers look beyond fish and move produce to the center of their plate by discovering a variety of plant-based foods, including new fruits and vegetables. Nearly 25 percent of Americans observe the holiday, making it a great time to feature an expanded assortment of fruits, vegetables and meat alternatives for meatless Fridays as a way to satisfy shoppers’ desires for something other than meat during this time.

According to a 2019 survey from C+R Research in partnership with Frieda’s, 68 percent of shoppers are planning to add more produce to the meals they serve this spring, and 73 percent say they choose grocery stores with a variety of fruits and vegetables over other stores. That means fresh variety will drive store traffic, giving shoppers new reasons to experiment with fresh flavors.

Creating meatless destinations for your shoppers is key to capitalizing on traditions and consumer trends this Lenten season. “Products like Frieda’s Jackfruit, Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, Soyrizo and Colored Cauliflower become the new go-to staples for many homes that observe Lent and abstain from meat on Fridays,” says Alex Berkley, Frieda’s director of sales.

“Recipes like Beer-Braised Fresh Jackfruit Chili, made with fresh jackfruit, and Spiced Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas are a great way to promote variety,” Berkley says. Create displays with these items featuring enticing signage to showcase meal ideas. Eye-catching displays with all-in-one selections in the same place help demonstrate to shoppers that there is more to Lent than fish sticks or fish sandwiches—even shoppers not observing Lent will want to make vegetables the star of their plates this spring!

Call your Frieda’s account manager today to get merchandising support and ideas on how to make your store a Lent destination.


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