Give Shoppers The Ultimate Sweet Potato — Stokes Purple® From Frieda’s


Los Alamitos, CA (February 2019) What do shoppers look for when buying sweet potatoes? Which types do they prefer? Versatility is key and shoppers want a sweet potato that can be used in a variety of dishes such as soups, pies, fries and more — just like Frieda’s Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes.

According to a 2020 survey from C + R Research, 56% of shoppers say that they want to be able to use a sweet potato in both sweet and savory dishes. Additionally, 37% of shoppers say they prefer a purple sweet potato over an orange variety for everyday cooking, likely due to the versatile texture of the potato, which bakes and fries well. Among those who are interested in purchasing a purple sweet potato, 69% believe they are worth paying more for versus orange sweet potatoes. It’s becoming clear that now, more than ever, shoppers want that versatility and are willing to pay more for it.

“Our test kitchen team cooked up our Stokes Purple® along with other purple sweet potato varieties, and the classic orange sweet potato to see how they all stacked up,” says Alex Berkley, Frieda’s sales director. “We found that Stokes Purple® really stood out as the only purple-fleshed sweet potato that has both a mild sweetness and the appropriate level of starchiness and moistness to make them ideal for everyday cooking. Shoppers love that they can buy our purple sweet potatoes and use them to make everything from muffins, chips and cheesecake bars, and they contain anthocyanins, just like blueberries. Stokes Purple® truly are a super sweet potato.”

Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes are also the go-to sweet potato for influential chefs like Chef Chadwick Boyd, food and lifestyle expert, cookbook author and cooking show judge. “Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes are exceptionally versatile. They’re ideal for plant-based main dishes and richer, denser pies, while being pleasantly less sweet — so on trend! Their vibrant purple color makes plates and platters unforgettable,” Boyd notes.

Drive your produce sales this spring by stocking up on Frieda’s Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes, conventional and organic. Our exclusive, non-GMO supply is ready for shipping and stocking on your produce shelf, either in bulk or 3-pound bags. Call your Frieda’s account manager today for merchandising, signage and recipe solutions. Move over orange sweet potatoes, Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes are here to stay. 

2020 C+R Research Omnibus Survey, sample size of 1,000 people, representative of total U.S. demographics.


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