Frieda's Specialty Produce - Pink Lemons


What are Pink Lemons?

  • Small lemons with a tough, thin rind that’s striped green and cream. As it ripens, the variegation fades and the fruit becomes more yellow, and the faint pink blush pulp gets deeper pink. It has few seeds with a tart, acidic lemony flavor with subtle floral and berry undertones.
  • While the pulp is indeed pink, the juices are not pink. Occasionally, you may get a bit of a pink blush but it is not prominent.

How to Eat

  • Well suited to desserts because of their strong flavor. Use the fresh juice for sauces and seasoning seafood, poultry and vegetables. Perfect to use as fresh or candied garnish, and make wonderful lemonade!

Health Benefits

  • Excellent source of vitamin C.

How to Choose

  • Choose firm, fresh, scented fruit. If you’d like more pink hue to your slices, choose lemons that are more yellow.

How to Store

  • Store refrigerated, wrapped in plastic, for up to 1 month.

When are they in season?

  • October through February (peak season) and March through June (limited availability)

Where are they grown?

  • U.S.A.


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