Why I see a biologic dentist

I was talking with my friend, Lori, and she mentioned that she had gone to her dentist several times to check out an aching sensation she was having in her tooth. After X-rays and several exams, they thought she was crazy. They found nothing. And now the pain is suddenly gone.

I told her that doesn’t surprise me. I said, “Lori, remember a few months ago you were complaining about having stomach problems. Have those problems gone away, too?”

She looked at me strangely, and said, “Yes, Karen they went away. And now that you mention it, the tooth pain I was having happened at the exact same time and that pain has gone away, too.”

I told Lori that every tooth in your mouth is “linked” to an organ in your body. Much like in acupuncture, where there are pressure points that are linked to various parts of your body. Lori had no idea what I was talking about.

So I went to my computer and entered this website: www.meridiantoothchart.com. I asked Lori which tooth was bothering her and clicked on that tooth. Sure enough, her stomach was linked to that tooth.

Call me crazy, but that’s exactly what happened to me. One of my teeth has been a bother for about 5 years. Coincidentally, I have been having problems with my thyroid for the same period of time. It was only when my friend, Al, introduced me to the concept of the meridian tooth chart, that I discovered a problem in that tooth (I needed a root canal). Once I had the root canal about two months ago, my thyroid calmed down and stopped giving me problems.

Al also recommended I see a biologic dentist. A biologic dentist uses different protocols when they are treating you. They use no metals in your mouth.

I found out, from my research, that some metal fillings contain mercury. Over time, that mercury leaks into your body and that is not good. Also metal fillings (mercury or otherwise) do not bond to your teeth. Like all metals, they contract and expand with heat.

After seeing my biologic dentist last August, and then doing a lot of research, I began the process of replacing all my metal fillings. Under every single one of my metal fillings, he found decay. So basically, I have had a “low-grade infection” running in my body (from the decay) for quite a while. All those times I wasn’t feeling so hot, and couldn’t figure out why … that was probably it.

Check out the meridian tooth chart and click on any tooth, then look at what organs it relates to. If you’ve had a filling, any pain, or a root canal, I guarantee you will find this chart insightful.

And, if by chance, you want to consider changing dentists to one who is more holistic in their approach, you can find one here: www.mercuryfreedentists.com.

And now you know!