Los Alamitos, CA (January 2021) – Lunar New Year, which begins on February 12, 2021, is the perfect time to help shoppers discover new food favorites, and Frieda’s customized Asian vegetable program makes it easy. 2021 is the Year of the Ox, symbolizing hard work and honesty; we think it’s quite fitting, wouldn’t you say?

Increased family time and at-home eating might be one of the pandemic’s most positive outcomes. However, shoppers are increasingly facing food fatigue. Celebrating Lunar New Year is a great way to keep shoppers inspired with new Asian vegetable favorites. A recent study shows that 50% of shoppers are interested in cooking Asian food at home1 and 58% want to try new Asian vegetables when cooking Asian food2.

“2021’s focus is on adventure and wellness, and our Asian vegetable assortment reflects that. Bestselling and in-demand items like bok choy, gai lan and Chinese eggplant bring much needed excitement to everyday eating while fresh ginger, turmeric and lemongrass, are perfect for promoting balance and wellness,” says Cindy Sherman, director of marketing and innovation at Frieda’s.

Frieda’s recommends creating displays that give shoppers fun and inspiring meal ideas like at-home noodle and spring roll bars. Display complementary items such as wonton and eggroll wrappers and kimchi, and tie them in with food items from other departments—like soy sauce, chopsticks and even red napkins—to be a one-stop destination for Lunar New Year cooking. Given the timing, these are perfect stay-in Valentine’s Day ideas, and nice alternatives to Italian food and pasta.

At Frieda’s, we take great pride in making your store the place for exciting seasonal shopping. Call your Frieda’s account manager today and make your produce department the ultimate Lunar New Year destination!


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Los Alamitos, CA – (December 2020) – While past food predictions may have highlighted adventurous eating and culinary feats, this year’s pandemic has firmly put the focus back on classic comfort … with a twist. The tastemakers at Frieda’s Specialty Produce, known for spotting food trends with longevity, have some interesting predictions up their sleeves to help retailers make room for an exciting 2021.

“The pandemic has shifted the focus from macro trends such as travel, celebrity chefs and molecular gastronomy, to the realities of everyday living. Quarantining, social distancing, and continued sheltering in-place means that 2021 will be primarily influenced by what’s directly around us, with an emphasis on health, wellness and that feel-good factor we so desperately need,” says Cindy Sherman, director of marketing, insights & innovation at Frieda’s Specialty Produce.

So, what does this mean for shoppers? Here’s what you can expect in 2021:

Bubbles Up!
Whether it’s kombucha or sparkling water with outrageous flavor combinations, effervescence is exploding! These fizzy tonics combine the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics, plant fiber, and functional herbs and botanicals to deliver flavor and fitness. We love mixing aperol with muddled rambutan and a splash of grapefruit juice for a fun, fruity spritz!

Down Home Comfort
Cooking fatigue is real. Bread has been baked, spirits have been distilled and soufflés have risen. Help shoppers hang on a little longer by inspiring them to elevate their at-home game. Incorporate Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes into sweet treats like babka or homemade ice cream.

Rule Reversal
Cereal for dinner and mac & cheese for breakfast? After a year of extremes, the focus is on what’s best for YOU! Bored with the same old Zoom routine? Play a rousing game of spice roulette with shishito peppers, or spice up your charcuterie boards with offbeat options like dragon fruit and rambutan. It’s time to bend the rules.

 Hold the Bread…
…and the meat, but not the flavor! Shoppers are being spoiled for choice with alternatives that pair better-for-you ingredients with classic comfort. Hearts of palm pasta, cricket-flour cookies, and so much more. Going paleo? No problem! Try Stokes Purple® sweet potato crostinis, or crispy jicama taco shells filled with meaty—but meatless—pulled jackfruit!

Polychromatic Plates
After a gloomy year, it’s time for bold graphics, pigmented palettes and foods in saturated hues. Paint your plate with beet-dyed noodles, rosy watermelon radish with pesto hummus, or a sprinkle of vibrant blue spirulina powder. Bright and oh-so-satisfying!