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Also known as horned melon or horned cucumber, Kiwano® has a unique appearance that makes them a favorite among children and a conversation piece for dinner guests. The pulp is lime-green, jelly-like and filled with tender, white, edible seeds, similar to those found in cucumbers. It tastes like cucumber, melon, and lime. The yellow peel has bright orange stripes with spikes. Surprisingly, the peel is edible–crisp and delicious! Fun fact #1: Did you see Kiwanos in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”? A bowl of horned melons along with a few Romanesco and yellow dragon fruit were spotted in the movie when Rey sat down to eat at Maz Kanata’s castle. Fun fact #2: Star Trek fans may also recognize the Kiwanos as Golana Melons from a “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” episode, Time’s Orphan.

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