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Red dragon fruit, coconut water, and strawberries combined perfectly in this brilliantly colored all-natural ice popsicle. Sweet, tangy, and refreshing!

Red Dragon Fruit Popsicles


1 1/2 cups cubed red dragon fruit (1-2 fruits)
1 cup roughly chopped strawberries
2-4 tablespoons agave syrup, to taste
1 cup coconut water (Try it fresh out of the young coconut!)
A pinch of salt
Optional: honey, for drizzling


Blend until smooth. Adjust sweetener to taste. Pour into mold. Freeze.

Make It Boozy

Replace coconut water with rosé wine, serve the non-alcoholic popsicle in a wine glass topped with sparkling wine. Either way, enjoy responsibly!

Source: Frieda’s Inc.