Frieda’s Angelcot® Season Set for Mid-June

Pre-book begins now for shoppers’ favorite stone fruit

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (April 2015) — Frieda’s Specialty Produce’s exclusive Angelcots®, the “heavenly white apricots,” are only available for three weeks starting in mid-June. This specialty hybrid of Moroccan and Iranian apricot varieties is grown in Northern California and packed in 16/1 lb. clamshells.

Angelcots’ pale-yellow skin—with a pale-peach blush—is covered with a fine, velvety fuzz. The beautiful fruit has the right balance of acid and sugar, along with a buttery, perfume-like sweetness. Angelcots have the juiciness of the ripest nectarine and the delicate texture and aroma of an apricot, with floral and tropical notes. Angelcots are also rich in vitamins A and C, as well as being a good source of fiber.

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