Frieda’s Champagne Grape Season Set for July

Shoppers’ favorite grapes are in good supply through August

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (June 2015) — Packed in a 16/1 lb. clamshell, Frieda’s Specialty Produce’s Champagne Grapes are available starting in July. Although Champagne Grapes from Arizona experienced a gap in mid-June due to rain, Frieda’s will still have good supplies of shoppers’ favorite table grapes from California through August.

Also known as Zante Currants or Black Corinth Grapes, Champagne Grapes have a delicate appearance and intensely sweet flavor. They are small and seedless, and the average size of a bunch is about the length and width of a hand. Frieda’s recommends displaying Champagne Grapes with other grape varieties, including seasonal specialty varieties such as Sweetie Yellow Grapes and Thomcords. Champagne Grapes can also be cross-merchandized with gourmet cheeses and wines for entertaining ideas.

Interested retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors can contact Frieda’s for product information and high resolution images to assist with any marketing needs.

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