Allen DeMo Crowned Frieda’s ‘King of Coconuts’

Director of Procurement and Sourcing sets record time for opening a young coconut at the company’s first-ever young coconut challenge

Los Alamitos, CA – (April 2018) – #ReadySetCoconut! To celebrate the first shipment of young coconuts from its new grower partner in Thailand, Frieda’s Specialty Produce Sales, Marketing, and Sourcing teams competed in the first-ever young coconut opening challenge on Thursday, April 19, 2018, at the company’s headquarters.

In a bracket-style tournament, Frieda’s team members faced off, using any tools of their choice from knives to a special coconut opening tool to open the young coconuts. For the finals, only knives were allowed.

Allen Demo, Director of Procurement and Sourcing, shocked the crowd when he opened the coconut in eight seconds with a single blow of a chef’s knife. He went on to win the competition.

“Allen has just returned from Thailand after a visit with our grower partner and touring the coconut groves, so I’m sure they taught him a few tricks,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager, who lost to DeMo in the second round. “Was it an unfair advantage that Allen was trained by Thai farmers who trim coconuts for a living when the rest of us are taught by YouTube? Maybe.”

A few audience members were splattered with coconut shells and coconut water, but there were no injuries reported other than a slightly bruised ego of the second-fastest young coconut opener Matt Hubbard, Account Manager, who opened a young coconut in 10 seconds with a coconut opening tool.


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