Get a Head Start on Fresh Hatch Chile Season with Frieda’s

Hatch Chile promotions are kicking off as early as August 4 with Frieda’s partnership

Los Alamitos, CA – (July 2018) – The world-renowned Hatch Chiles are coming back in season, a few weeks ahead of the usual mid-August start date, and Frieda’s Specialty Produce is kicking off the season with strong supplies and high-quality product.

The authentic Hatch Chiles are available from Frieda’s in a new Frieda’s-branded 25-lb. case and an 8/2-lb. retail pouches in mild, medium and hot heat levels. The pouches help cashiers to accurately ring up the product and retail buyers to track sales.

These special, fresh, zesty green peppers are only available from New Mexico in August and September. Hatch Chile festivals and promotions are being planned around the country to celebrate this unique pepper and its robust flavor. Dedicated fans of the peppers drive across town—and state lines—to get their Hatch Chiles by the case.

“Hatch Chiles are exclusively grown in Hatch, New Mexico, and are beloved by native New Mexicans, foodies and ‘chile heads’ around the country for their limited availability and addictive flavor,” said Alex Jackson Berkley, assistant sales manager at Frieda’s. “The season is starting up earlier this year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to boost summer sales.”

Today’s shoppers, especially millennials, experience “fear of missing out,” aka FOMO, which drives them to stores for exclusive or limited supply items. (A recent Eventbrite survey says 69 percent of millennials get FOMO when they can’t attend something friends or families are attending.) Much like the pumpkin spice craze in the fall, the annual Hatch Chile season is a part of this phenomenon.

“Frieda’s has organized in-store Hatch Chile roasting events and promotions since 2011. We see the increase in popularity with shoppers year over year, which motivates retailers to execute their annual Hatch Chile promotions,” added Berkley. “Chile heads always come back, and curious shoppers with a touch of FOMO want in on the action, then become chile heads themselves, returning the next year.”

Fresh Hatch Chiles also have a significant halo effect at the retail level for the majority of the summer. There are opportunities to cross-promote with the entire store from meat and dairy to Hatch-flavored items in the center aisles like potato chips, sauces, salsas and even alcohol.

Frieda’s works closely with its grower partners to ensure excellent quality and strong supply through September. Call Frieda’s team today to pre-book the ever-popular Hatch Chiles!

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