Turmeric and Ethnic Flavors Top Google Food Trends

Shoppers are looking for functional foods and authentic flavors

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (May 2016) – Turmeric and authentic ethnic dishes are on top of the trending searches in the U.S., according to the recent “Think with Google: Food Trends 2016” report. Other produce on the list of trending items are jackfruit, bitter melon, daikon radishes, and cauliflower.

The report pulled top search information from January 2014 to February 2016 to pinpoint rising and falling trends in food.

In the “Food with Function” category, people are searching for information on food with nutritional benefits such as being a pre- or probiotic, an anti-inflammatory, or an immunity booster.  Turmeric reigns the category as Americans are learning more about this “it” spice from its health benefits to how to consume it.

Also listed in this category are jackfruit, bitter melon, daikon radishes, and cauliflower “rice”—chopped up cauliflower used as a low-carb substitute for rice.

“Traveling Through Taste” is a search for the authentic flavors of ethnic dishes, many of which are produce-centric. Pho—Vietnamese noodle soup with garnish of bean sprouts, jalapeno or other chile peppers, Thai basil, white onion, cilantro, and lime—come out on top of other searches including Bibimbap (Korean rice bowls topped with assorted vegetables) and Elote (Mexican corn on the cob).

Cauliflower makes an appearance again in “Bite-sized Snacks” as Buffalo Cauliflower Bites.

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