4 Out-of-This-World Foods for Your Star Wars Party Platter

You have your tickets. You have your plans. But do you have the perfectly themed snacks to celebrate Star Wars: The Force Awakens with? You don’t have to be the best cook in the universe to serve up intergalactic snacks. Just look in your produce aisle!

1. Starfruit

Obvious choice, isn’t it? Slice Starfruit crosswise and serve fresh, make starfruit upside down cake, or play up the Dark Side and the Light by dipping the slices in dark and white chocolate.

2. Kiwano®

This horned melon is the golden cousin of Darth Maul. See?

Relations or not, the Kiwano is alien-looking enough to serve up at your party. Did you know that you can eat the Kiwano whole–skin and all? Use a vegetable peeler to trim off the spikes, slice into rounds (or cut down the middle like Darth Maul!) and serve with a sprinkle of sea salt. A squeeze of Meyer Lemon also brings out a completely different flavor profile for this odd fruit.

And of course, the Kiwano’s electric green pulp also makes great Mos Eisley-esque cocktails like Toxic Sludge Margarita or a Rum Martini served in the shell.

ETA 12/21/15: Kiwano melons were actually spotted in The Force Awakens along with some Romanesco! Did you see them? (We’ll tell you where in January. No spoiler here!)

3. Icicle Radish

Recreate the Wampa cave scene with these spicy, pure white radishes. Nestle your Hoth Luke action figure or a mini Lightsaber on the platter, and serve with a snowy white dip or whipped butter.

“I wish I could reach the party platter from here… Oh wait…”

4. Black Garlic and Elephant Garlic

Which side will you choose: the Dark with umami-tastic Black Garlic Spread or the Light with sweet Roasted Elephant Garlic? Split the platter down the middle with crostini or crackers and let your guests choose their own tasty side of the Force.

Enjoy your snacks and see you at the movies!

– Oakley