Fresh Turmeric Nourishes Body and Sales

Shoppers demand fresh turmeric for health benefits and brilliant color

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (September 2016) — “Fresh is best” applies to turmeric, this year’s hottest trend in food that shows no sign of slowing down. From popular websites to printed magazines, turmeric is cropping up everywhere. Savvy shoppers have discovered the benefits of the fresh rhizome over its dried or powdered counterpart, and are looking in the produce aisle for the fresh spice for its nutritional boost, brilliant color, and fresh flavor.

The Google Food Trends 2016 Report confirms that turmeric is a top trending search word—with searches increasing 56 percent between November 2015 and January 2016, and “turmeric root” as one of its top phrases.

Leading food and cooking websites Food52, The Kitchn, and Epicurious all prefer fresh turmeric for its brighter color, more earthy-peppery flavor, and more concentrated level of curcumin, a beneficial compound with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

The therapeutic, turmeric-infused dairy or plant-based milk beverage known as “golden milk” was the trending summer topic, showing up at every corner of the internet from fitness sites Shape and Pop Sugar Fitness, and lifestyle site The Social (Canada), to news source The Guardian.

Most recently, the October issue of Cooking Light magazine features fresh turmeric as one of the “Trending Tastes from Cooking Light’s Editors” in a 3-page article.

“We see more retailers adding fresh turmeric to their produce departments because shoppers are asking for it,” said Karen Caplan, president and CEO of Frieda’s Specialty Produce. “It’s great merchandised alongside ginger or paired with juicing ingredients like beets.”

Frieda’s shows customers and consumers some quick and easy turmeric recipes with three of its Quick Bite videos on its YouTube playlist: Fragrant Yellow Rice, Thai Grilled Turmeric Chicken, and Grilled Purple Sweet Potato Wedges with Turmeric Aioli.

Get on the Frieda’s turmeric train today by calling Frieda’s account managers. Consistent supplies of fresh turmeric root from Jamaica and Fiji are available in convenient 4-ounce, 6-ounce, and 8-ounce clamshells, and in bulk.

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