Rebranded Crêpes Sweeten Up Valentine Produce Sales

Frieda’s new crêpes packaging attracts impulse shoppers to help boost retailers’ berry sales

LOS ALAMITOS, CA (January 2016) – This February, provide your shoppers with a Valentine’s Day meal solution display featuring value-added produce items like Frieda’s newly branded French Style Crêpes, paired with your fresh berry case.

Frieda’s new packaging design has a fun, young vibe that appeals to home-cooking Millennials without alienating Baby Boomers. With attractive branding, including the phrase “Ooh là là” on the packaging, Frieda’s ready-to-eat crêpes are an easy way for shoppers to add a little romance to their Valentine’s Day menus.

Packed in ready-to-display cases, the crêpes are also available in a self-standing crêpes shipper display of four 12/5oz. cases featuring bright colors and tasty graphics that will catch shoppers’ eyes and draw them right to your Valentine’s Day destination display.

While crêpes are a perfect complement to fresh berry displays, Frieda’s also recommends merchandising them with tropical fruits, such as passion fruit and pomegranate, and specialty citrus, such as mandarins, blood oranges, pink lemons, and Meyer lemons.

Shelf-stable and ready-to-eat, Frieda’s crêpes are the perfect impulse item for your produce department. Ooh là là, indeed!

Contact Frieda’s to find out more about la crêpe magnifique shipper and très bons products.

About Frieda’s Inc.

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