2013 is the Year of Purple

Earlier this week, we had a group of produce and floral coordinators from one of our clients visit us. As I looked around the room, I noticed that two of the 15 people were wearing purple.
That happens quite a bit. Not always on purpose, but frequently when someone comes to visit us (or we go to visit them), they wear purple.

Which made me think…it seems like purple is everywhere this year! Fashion magazines, carpeting in buildings, company marketing materials…

White House Black Market has chosen purple as their color of the season.

And as we began marketing our newest produce item, the Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes, I noticed we are selling more purple produce. For examples:

Purple Sangria Artichokes

Baby Purple Fiesole Artichokes

Purple Wax Beans

Purple Cauliflower

Purple Bell Peppers

Purple Asparagus

Purple Potatoes

Purple Kohlrabi

…and Purple Baby Brussels Sprouts.

The great thing about purple fruits and vegetables is they are high in antioxidants, specifically anthocyanins.

Plus, as you are trying to get your family to eat more of a variety of fruits and vegetables, adding an interesting color to the plate, like purple, might get them to try something new.

So, it is no surprise that we at Frieda’s decided to declare 2013 The Year of Purple!

So start looking around – purple is everywhere! What great timing for my company, as it has been our signature color for all our packaging and labels for 50 years!

Think Purple,